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DYE enlisted mechanical and materials engineers, with guidance from graphic designers, and input from casual players to the hardest of the hardcore professionals, to polish our designs over the years, creating the product line we now stand behind.
The XX Anniversary DM14 is resetting the previous standards. DYE strove at every turn during our 20-year history to inject Dye’s products with a style and functionality that makes our products game changers; we want them to be both workhorses and works of art. The marker comes with a new milling and some extra features.

• CF custom Boomstick barrel kit- .684, .688, .692
• BILLY WING DM14 Bolt kit- Hand Polished and military grade hard anodized surface finish
• ULTRALITE - Contrast cut Milling
• Contrast Cut 2 Stage PGA anodizing
• Acid Etched XX or (Ironmen on Ironmen gun) Bolt cap with Logo and Milling


• Gun Case
• Barrel Sock 
• Multitool 
• Slick Lube (1/4 oz)
• Spare Kit
• Battery
• 2-piece Boomstick
• Manual
Free available from the age of 18 years. Proof of age required.
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