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4th Gen Eye Pipe – Breech System ·       4th generation... mehr

4th Gen Eye Pipe – Breech System

·      4th generation

·      Durable self-cleaning system

·      Protection from damaging breech wear

·      New independent integrated leaf spring detents

·      Eliminates bulky eye plates and small easily stripped mounting screws

·      Compatible with M2, M3s, M3+, DSR and Rize Series markers


DYE’s patented Eye Pipe System moves into its 4th generation of refinement with updated breech geometry and independent detents designed to accommodate a wide range of paint sizes including extremely small paint. There are many important features of the Eye Pipe System. It shields the anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint. The thick durable poly-carbonate pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle creating a self-cleaning operation that ensures the eyes are always monitoring the breech. Your marker stays protected from harsh environments eliminating permanent performance hindering breech wear. The new shape of the independent leaf spring detents are integrated into the Eye Pipe preventing double feeds and chopped paint, all while eliminating the need for bulky exterior eye plates.

M3s Customers, please contact our Customer Service Department for more information on the 4th Gen Eye pipe and M3+ Bolt Upgrade system.

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