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Introducing the all-new DYE Flex Barrel Cover featuring patent pending dual chrono tool... mehr

Introducing the all-new DYE Flex Barrel Cover featuring patent pending dual chrono tool internal storage for supreme convenience and accessibility with 1/8” & 3/16” allen keys included. The days of fumbling to find allen keys at the chrono station are over. For superior safety, located inside is a unique internal ball stop pyramid to ensure every ball fired splits on impact, as well as center aligns the barrel for a perfect fit while attached to your marker. An elastic nylon cord with draw clamp is featured for extra strength and to give you the ability to easily adjust and secure the tension to your marker setup. With a soft, flexible silicone design, the DYE Flex Barrel Cover can be comfortably stored in your pocket allowing no distractions during game play. The all-new DYE Flex Barrel Cover is designed with the player’s safety, convenience and style in mind.

Available in black, olive, blue, lime and red with a silicone accent band that can be removed and used as a marker accessory.

Dual chrono tool internal storage

1/8” & 3/16” allen keys included

Unique ball stop pyramid

Self-centering on barrel

Soft, flexible silicone design

Elastic nylon cord with draw clamp

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