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The Attack Pack Harness is loaded with a host of features and every inch of the Attack Pack has... mehr

The Attack Pack Harness is loaded with a host of features and every inch of the Attack Pack has been designed for maximum comfort and performance. The Attack Pack conforms to every style of play and position on the field. Boasting an 11 pod total capacity, the all new compression tension system will consistently keep a low profile with each pod you remove. The attack pack was designed to be fast, light, and very low profile.


COMPRESSION TENSION SYSTEM: With today's games having multiple formats, you need a versatile harness. The Attack harness collapses in size to give you the tightest profile throughout the game. The Attack Pack gets slimmer with every pod you remove. To accommodate for this we have included this secondary pod retention system. This system allows you to carry 4 to 11 total pods.

EJECTOR LOOPS: This is the area that stretches around the actual pods. Elastic straps to keep your pods in place. We have developed a specific pattern that actually wraps around the pod itself, and causes a downward tension. This design keeps the pods securely in place, while being able to forcefully eject the pods from the loops whenever you're ready to pull that quick release.

STAY OPEN POD LOOPS: We've introduced a plastic frame at the base of each pod loop. The new frame forces the loop to keep its open shape at all times, providing optimal ejection capabilities. The insert frame keeps the pods centered, while loading the harness and while ejecting pods. A centered pod ejects smooth-er. It's all part of the development process to bring you the best performance possible.

DYETACK IMPREGNATED MATERIAL: For added grip and stability under the toughest conditions.

55 MPH VELCRO: Velcro so strong it will hold up in 55mph winds, or 55mph worth of pressure tugging on it when you dive or slide. It all makes sense now. We wanted to make sure the harness stays were it is supposed to be, during the whole game.

DIRECT INJECT VELCRO LOCK: This is the last stage of the Velcro system. This goes on top, because it's on the top we wanted it to look cool. So we added a logo and some neat detail.

VENTING: In an effort to use the most reliable materials at the lightest weight, we incorporated a vented foam back pad. Every other material has been chosen based off its' lightweight and breathable characteristics.

MEMORY ELASTIC: The memory elastic offers the most comfortable fit available. It also retains its original shape longer. That's why it's called "memory" elastic.

NEOPRENE COMFORT BELT: The first belt that goes across your waist carries the most pressure. Some of you may notice this when you get that annoying "harness rub". Well it annoyed us too. That's why we added a neoprene padded belt. This is the first move into a more comfortable lightweight harness system. The more comfortable you are while playing, the more you can focus on the game.

RUBBER TRACTION: A large section of rubber traction helps to keep your harness in place. It grips your pants and jersey, keeping a tight hold.

COMPRESSION MOLDED HIP PADDING: One of the main complaints from some of our top athletes is that the combination of the harness and pant buckle hindered their movement in the hip region. This is why we developed the compression molded hip padding. Not only is this pad light and sturdy, but it is attached to the inner belt. As you stretch the main belt to fit your preference, the hip pads slide along and fall into place on top of your hip bones. The secondary strap will cover over this section, stabilizing the pads to ensure they stay in the spot needed most, over your hip bones.

PLUSH COMPRESSION BACK PANEL: As you can see, the back panel features many geometric shapes specifically designed to channel air away from the pressure point. Not only will this help keep this area cool, but will aid in keeping this section dry so that the Rubber Traction Print can achieve its maximum usefulness.

MID LEVEL VENTING: We have integrated a vented sandwich made of an airy foam material. This material is at the core of the harness where the most amount of circulation and heat dissipation is critical.

CENTER STRETCH: The center point of assembly for the harness is directly over the spine. So when the belts are stretched around to fit, they are actually pulling from the center of your back. This assembly style ensures that you are getting the most comfortable and efficient use out of the harness system. Other harnesses tend to pull from the sides, not offering a true wrap around harness. It's not so much something you see, but something you feel. And to us, that little difference could aid in making a game winning move.

RETRACTABLE ELASTIC POD STRAPS: Get up and out of the way fast. dangling pod straps are a thing of the past.



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