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One Man, One Visor, One name WING.  Born from the Man himself, Billy Wing. The WING Visor Blends technical trims, contemporary manufacturing techniques, timeless style, and Functionality.  Legend has it that Billys visor contained mythical superpowers.   If you are lucky enough, you too can channel your inner “WING” even in non-ideal playing conditions. There was only one way to update the legendary DYE goggle line and that was to bring legendary powers only Billy Wing can provide!


·         Compatible with I4, I5, and more goggles!

·         Compression Formed

·         Lightweight

·         Low Profile Design

·         Tool-Less

·         Flexible construction

·         Eliminate glare

·         Shields rain

·         High Strength GRN retention tabs

·         BILLY WING Approved


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