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·      Flex Face Bolt Tip

·      2-stage bolt speed

·      Soft bolt face

·      Accommodates the most fragile paint


The all-new 2-Stage Flex Face Bolt Tip within the FL-21 Bolt System maintains ideal bolt speed throughout the bolt cycle. A slow, soft first stage for optimal paint handling and a second stage with a speed boost to maximize valve lift operation. The all-new Flex Face soft tip bolt ensures the most fragile paint will be gently carried through the breech, and helps protect irregularly shaped paint from being clipped through the firing cycle. 

M3s Users, there is an inexpensive update available for your M3s markers that includes the new 4th Gen Eye pipe, do not proceed to checkout and simply call 858-536-5183 x 0 and provide your Name, Address, Phone number, and serial number of your marker and an update kit will be mailed to you .


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